As part of Citi’s ongoing commitment to recognize initiatives by microentrepreneurs in order to strengthen the global entrepreneurial spirit, the Citi Foundation in Bangladesh has been organizing the Citi Microentrepreneurship Award (CMA) program successfully since 2006 with the assistance of local MFIs and networking organizations. As of 2015, SAJIDA Foundation is a key organizing partner of the CMA following a mutual agreement with Citi Bank, N. A., and Bangladesh and together with its organizing partners had successfully arranged the 11th and 12th Citi Microentrepreneurship Awards (CMA) with the support of its esteemed Advisory Council and Screening Committee members of which include distinguished scholars and multi-sectarian professionals. Over 300 entrepreneurs and 50 MFIs vied for a spot under various categories in the 11th and 12th CMAs.

SAJIDA Foundation, as an organizing partner, worked specifically towards quality improvement management in terms of transparency in the evaluation process. Part of the efforts to encourage the entrepreneurial spirit has seen the inclusion of entrepreneurs supported by banking and non-banking financial institutions. A new category was added to include the youth entrepreneur in order to encourage endeavors such as theirs. A second runner up category was added to the awards process so more participants could be included in the accolades. The program aims to widen and strengthen entrepreneurship in the country in order to generate employment, contribute to the national economy and reduce poverty.

Since the inception of the CMA program in Bangladesh, 53 microentrepreneurs in total have received awards in different categories and 19 MFIs were recognized for their work in uplifting the underprivileged using various methods.