The Adhunika Women’s Centre (AWC) started its journey in 2002 with financial assistance from the Adhunika Foundation – a non-profit organization registered in the USA, providing applied education for women. The Adhunika Women’s Centre strives to empower women to become progressive and self reliant through training in information technology and life skills in a women-friendly environment and giving them access to health, psychosocial and legal counseling. Through a range of services the Centre prepares young, aspiring women to be eligible for employment and cope with life changes. It also connects them with a network of trained women, thus contributing towards gender equality in Bangladesh and the empowerment of Bangladeshi women. The Centre provides services only to women by a team of qualified women trainers.

Computer Training

An 18-day basic computer course (3 days/week) and graphics design course is offered to train women in the usage of computers.

Education and Career Counseling

The Centre hosts Education and Career counseling sessions for women students enthusiastic in receiving guidance that can help determine suitable career paths.

Psychosocial Counseling

Women in particular are susceptible to various stresses of daily life and maintaining good psychosocial health is important for their wellbeing. Realizing this, Psychosocial Counseling Sessions are organized for the students and community women to discuss various issues such as stress management, anger management, parent-child relationships, self-care and others.

English Speaking Ability Enhancement through Skype

Adhunika Women’s CentreIn Bangladesh, female students, especially those from poor families are lagging behind in communicating with their counterparts, mainly in vocational English. Basic communicable English language skills can build confidence and capacity that can better prepare a newcomer for the job market. The aim of the Skype program is to develop communication skills, enhance self-confidence and help build an engaging network of students from home and abroad. The Skype sessions are conducted by friends of Adhunika Foundation USA.

Legal Awareness

Women in Bangladesh are deprived of their rights in many ways and face various problems such as domestic violence, sexual harassment, dowry, eve teasing etc. both within and outside their family. To help them overcome these problems, an experienced lawyer at the AWC gives basic legal information in an interactive way.

Cyber Cafe Service

The Cyber Cafe Facility is accessible at a nominal fee. The Centre provides a safe and women-friendly environment where users can utilize Internet browsing, e-mail and Skype services among others.

Health Awareness

Promoting heath awareness is a key component of all of our initiatives. For a nominal fee, we encourage our Centre participants to take part in our regularly held Health Awareness Sessions emphasizing reproductive health and hygiene. These sessions are conducted by a medical specialist from SAJIDA hospital, where various reproductive health topics are discussed.

Female Cancer Awareness

Female cancer, especially breast and cervical cancer, has been given due attention by the Government and Private health sectors in recent days. Recognizing its importance, female cancer awareness programs on breast and cervical cancer are organized by the Centre at different colleges and women’s hostels.

Medical Consultation

The Centre offers free medical consultation by a female doctor once a week, which can be accessed by computer trainees of Adhunika.

Scholarship Support

In the economic context of Bangladesh, a significant number of families cannot afford quality education for their children. If there are two children in a family, one male and another female, the family prefers to invest money for the education of the male child as it is perceived that male child will support the family in the future. This prevailing social value is a barrier to receiving higher education for the female child. To ensure the continuation of higher education for bright poor female children, Adhunika Women’s Centre provides scholarship to these aspiring girls.

Support from Adhunika Junior

Adhunika Jr. was created by a team of volunteers in the USA to collect finances for school supplies needed by daycare centres operated by SAJIDA’s ILEUP-PDC program (formerly known as the Amrao Manush Project). This daycare utility permits working mothers to entrust their children (aged two-six) to a safe environment while they seek waged employment. The Centre also arranges schooling for street children (aged six plus). The majority of the funds raised for the center are obtained from fundraisers involving merchandise sales and refreshment. Currently, Adhunika Jr. is focused on twenty-three children who lack a fixed address. Adhunika Jr. is attempting to finance their education for $200 dollars annually. In the future, the concern intends to widen its focus to associated efforts, such as acquiring temporary shelters for more children. Adhunika Jr. was started by Mr. Sid S. Yousuf following his visit to a SAJIDA Pavement Dweller Center. There he spoke with a ten year old boy named Nasim who was studying in the third grade. Mr. Yousuf was inspired by the conversation: Nasim had voiced a determination to complete his studies and move his family off the streets. Mr. Yousuf subsequently created Adhunika Junior. Initially launched with eleven volunteers, Adhunika Jr.’s first fundraising event raised over $650. Adhunika Jr. is now actively working to create awareness and secure resources for the daycare center affiliated with the ILEUP-PDC Project. In doing so, it hopes to lighten the loads of disadvantaged children.

Cost Per Service (per individual)


Service (Per Individual) Cost in BDT
Basic Computer Course (18 classes) 2,800
Graphic Design Course (22 classes) 5,800
Legal Awareness Session (2 hours) 400
Cancer Awareness Session (2 hours) 400
Career and Education Counseling Session (2 hours)  400
Psychosocial Counseling Session (2 hours)  500
Speaking English Through Skype Course (12 classes) 1,100
Individual Psychosocial Counseling Session (Duration of this session varies depending on the needs of the individual) 1,000
Psychosocial Counseling Session for Pavement Dwellers and Community Women (2 hours) 400
Reproductive Health Awareness Session Held at Educational Institutions (2 hours) 200
Scholarship (yearly) 6,000


The fees charged to an individual for using these services is provided below:


Basic Computer Course: BDT 700
Graphic Design Course:  BDT 1,500
Legal Awareness, Cancer Awareness, Career and Education, and Psychosocial Counseling: BDT 50 (total)
Speaking English Through Skype Course:  BDT 200
Individual Psychosocial Counseling Session: BDT 150


Psychosocial counseling session for pavement dwellers and community women, reproductive health awareness session held at educational institutions: FREE

Adhunika Women’s Centre

102 Matador Building, 6th Floor, Azimpur, Dhaka