Supporting Farmers through Forward Market Linkage and Last Mile Delivery Services

SAJIDA’s Agriculture Unit deployed a timely initiative to support the livelihoods of vulnerable agriculture and dairy farmers who have been severely impacted by the economic disruption resulting from the pandemic. The nationwide lockdown and restrictions on mobility not only affected sales, but also impeded the access of small farmers to forward market actors. In such a scenario, the Agriculture Unit took quick stock of the farmers’ available produce, gathered them in a central location and packed the produce in 10 kilogram packages. These packages were then offered to interested buyers. Upon receiving order confirmations from buyers, SAJIDA’s field officers hand delivered the products, collected payment and distributed the money to the farmers. Sale of over 10,000 kilograms of gourds, eggplants, okra, tomato, asparagus, green chilli, lemon, sweet pumpkin, fruits and over 12,000 litres of milk has been facilitated by SAJIDA’s Agriculture Unit since the beginning of March.