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Entrepreneur | Liza Khanom
“The savings make me feel secure as I can think about my daughter’s future,” recalls Liza with a smile on her face. She faced a lot hardships from a young age, but does not regret them a bit

Liza Khanom has been a member of SAJIDA’s Microfinance Program for four years, and she runs a boutique shop consisting of five employees. Liza started off with a small, limited tiny room space when she took a loan from SAJIDA Foundation. After her daughter was born, she wanted to do more to provide for her, and decided to go into business. She is grateful to her family for their support. Her mother and sister help her with her work, and her husband is supportive of her ventures. Liza is an Astha savings recipient, and this allows her to use her savings when business is slow. “The savings make me feel secure as I can think about my daughter’s future”, she says. Liza also benefits from SAJIDA’s mobile banking option and the flexible payment timings this affords her. Once when she had gone to her village, she had still made her installment payment on time by asking a family member to go to SAJIDA’s closest Mobile Money agent with her ID card, and payment was done on her behalf.

Liza has been working from a very early age to support her family. “I had to start working when I was in seventh grade, so you can understand what kind of hardship my family went through. It pains me that I could not finish my high school, but times were tough, and I had to look after my family,” she recalls. But Liza has no regrets becauseshe believes the hardships pushed her to acquire the skills she now has and the opportunity to work with well-known boutique shops in Bangladesh. She is confident that she can someday start her own clothing venture in the future.

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