As an active advocate for health, happiness and dignity for all, SAJIDA Foundation aims to drive home the message of positive mental health and well-being through a two-month-long campaign, addressing the different areas of need in the mental health support system. Starting with World Suicide Prevention Day on September 10 and addressing World Mental Health Day on October 10 along the way, the Foundation aims to create

awareness by including both local and international influencers in the mental health space to bring change at the more grassroots level. Through an integrated and policy-level approach, SMHP looks to create impact that will allow long-term sustainable developments towards bringing mental health at the forefront of healthcare and wellbeing. 

National Mental Health Survey 2018-2019Bangladesh Health & Injury Survey 2018 

More than 20,000 suicides occurs every year; 66 suicides per day

Suicide is highest among 15-17 years, with 60+ age group following second

Prevalence of Major Mental Disorders among adult population is 1.4%

17% adults and 14% adolescents have some form of mental disorders

16% men and 17% women suffer from mental disorders

92% of adults suffering from mental disorders do not seek treatment

94% children with mental illness do not get psychiatric care

Among 8% of people seeking treatment, approx. 48% are treated with unscientific methods

Webinar on World Suicide Prevention Day

In observance of World Suicide Prevention Day, SAJIDA Foundation is hosting an online webinar, to encourage open conversations, break down barriers to seeking help, and raise awareness within our community. 

SAJIDA strives to create hope through action in order to develop a better community where individuals are no longer afraid to confront mental health concerns. 

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Webinar on Organizational Mental Health

Stigma, fear of judgement and concern for future career endeavors might prevent many from seeking psychological help when it’s needed. Our next webinar, titled ‘Organizational Mental Health’, in SAJIDA’s Mental Health Campaign series aims to create a platform for open conversations within the community; with focus on promoting and understanding the importance of mental health and it’s relationship in the organizations where we are involved.

Catch us live this Friday at 7 pm.

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Webinar on Physical and Mental Health

The mind-body interaction is far more powerful than we might think. Retaining control over our stress levels, seeking help for physiological as well as psychological conditions might play a key role in maintaining our well-being.
The third webinar in SAJIDA’s Mental Health Campaign series, “Why is Physical and Mental Wellbeing Important and how they are interconnected?” will highlight and address the importance of both physical and mental health.

Catch us live this Friday (24th September) at 7pm

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Webinar on Children and Adolescent Mental Health

SAJIDA’s 4th webinar aims to raise awareness on the importance of “Children and Adolescent Mental Health” because we understand how childhood and adolescence are crucial periods in one’s life in terms of mental health. During this time, children and adolescents develop cognitive and social-emotional skills, which affect their ability to undertake adult roles in society as well as their mental capacity to deal with it.

Catch us live this Friday (01st October) at 7pm

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Webinar on World Mental Health Day

Every year on 10 October, World Mental Health Day is observed as an international day focusing on a particular theme for promoting global mental health education, awareness and policy advocacy. This year World Federation for Mental Health (WFMH) has announced the theme to be ‘Mental health in an Unequal World’.

The 5th Webinar by SAJIDA Foundation, titled “World Mental Health Day: Mental Health in an Unequal World,” will cover all of the above issues in one session with the aim to spread awareness within our community.

Catch us live this coming Sunday (October 10th, 2021) from 7PM to 8PM BST.

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Webinar on Functionality Based Approach to Autism Spectrum Disorder

SAJIDA Foundation has been dedicatedly working to create awareness around autism spectrum disorder through dedicated programs, awareness generating activities, and targeted interactive sessions for all.

As a component of this continued effort, SAJIDA Mental Health Program is presenting its 6th Webinar on “Autism Spectrum Disorder” with the intent of increasing awareness about the benefits of early treatment for children.

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Webinar on Residential Mental Health Care

Residential treatment usually is the best level of care for individuals leaving a hospital or locked psychiatric acute care facility with nurses and residential staff who are onsite 24 hours a day. Mental health residential treatment programs give patients the time, space, and support they need to recover from an episode of mental illness. Clients learn how to manage their diagnoses and acquire the skills needed to stay healthy.

The topic of SAJIDA’s 7th Webinar was “Residential Mental Health,” which helped create open conversations about all the above-mentioned aspects.

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Webinar on Community Mental Health Care

Being a part of a community can benefit one’s mental and emotional health. We are social beings who were not created to exist alone. We need a community to thrive in and feel a sense of belonging, especially if we are experiencing any mental health condition, loneliness, and isolation.

In addition to managing illnesses, community mental health care includes promotion, prevention, rehabilitation, and crisis intervention to meet the diverse needs of individuals.

SAJIDA’s final webinar from their mental health campaign drew attention towards the community with the topic of discussion being “Mental Health for the Community”.

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