Meeting at BRAC to strategize Malaria Elimination Policies with Different NGOs

During November 19-20, an annual planning meeting was held by BRAC at BCDM for Malaria Elimination Program with 16 partner NGO directors and PMs. The meeting was chaired by Prof. Dr. Sania Tahmina, Director (Disease Control) and Line Director, Communicable Disease Control, Health Directorate. The program was moderated by Mr. Md. Akramul Islam, Director Communicable Disease, Wash and DMCC Program BRAC. Dr. Sania Tahmina inaugurated the program and Mr. Akramul Islam reviewed the various aspects of the program. The main purpose of the meeting was to understand how to eliminate malaria in the upcoming days. DGHS Malaria Elimination Program’s MIS expert Mr. Anjan Saha presented about a year wise projection on this issue. The meeting continued by separating the participants in a group and figuring out the current challenges and recommendations to tackle them, and this was followed by a group presentation.