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Times have changed, but the thing that hasn’t changed is the exploitation and violence against women, even though almost half of Bangladesh’s population is women. Women have to face this continuous journey of exploitation from early age till death. They face discrimination from all aspects of life; from personal, family to societal and official aspects. In this patriarchal society, a woman isn’t allowed to be a person by herself. A woman is still deprived of her share of her father and husband’s property. Culturally, there is horrific observation of women’s torture due to the negative attitude from men due to misconceptions and traditional beliefs. These days, whenever we open the newspaper we hear horrific news of torture on women, but these stories never live more than a day. It is sad that almost every house has a story of a woman being tortured.

Violence against women has changed in time. Once upon a time, this type of violence was bound inside one’s house, but the violence has expanded outside our homes. Women are not safe anywhere. At the age where a girl wants to go to school, wants to dream of her future, she’s being tortured through eve teasing and her dreams vanish through this kind of violent behavior. The first step towards sexual harassment is eve teasing, and statistics from media show that from 2006 to May 2010, 40 women committed suicide due to sexual harassment. This number is only a fraction of it, as everyday women are being harassed through eve teasing and the stories are going unnoticed.

What is our role in preventing all kinds of harassment to women? We need to ask ourselves, will we be silent observers, or will we start protesting?

We should not forget the contribution of women in this society, their contribution is no less than that of a man. Violence against women is a major obstacle when it comes to development, so this needs to be protested against, being silent towards it will only result in regrettable outcomes. Let’s not stay silent anymore, let’s all stand beside women and protest to help stop this violence.

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Let’s collectively protest and resist this violence and commit to the rhetoric that Bangladesh will one day be known in the world as a country without violence to women.

Written by Farzana Akhter

Senior officer (Finance and Accounts Department)

Chowdhury Bari – 20

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