SAJIDA Launches App for Homecare Program

SAJIDA launched its first Home Care App (Phase 1) which is now available on Google Play store and ready for installation on Android Phones. The App features emergency calling services for clients and caregivers as well as profiles of both patients and caregivers. These profiles can be viewed and updated by the management, and patients and caregivers can also view and update them to track progress. It also includes rosters and duties of caregivers, attendance of caregivers on duty (clock-in and clock-out time).

Many more features such as patient’s medical history, monitoring of vital signs, medication chart, doctor’s follow-up and updates will be incorporated in the next phase of the App which is being developed currently.

Phase 3 will include training materials, videos and skill assessment tests that caregivers can complete while on duty during free-time to ensure refreshers on skills and their professional development.

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SAJIDA Homecare Program aspires to provide this App even for clients who are not availing SAJIDA’s services so that they can monitor their health status and share with others electronically. The Program believes that through this innovation it will be able to deliver better services and care for chronically ill patients and elderly and contribute significantly towards the health sector in Bangladesh.