Is it my fault?

There exists very few examples or written journals on how our social context affects women’s confidence. As if our social values have been created to divert women from outer world. A girl, born and brought up in villages of Bangladesh does not have anyone in front of herself as a role model whom she will aspire to be and learn and establish herself as an extraordinary person. The brightest of them does not bloom to their full potential due to lack of self-confidence. Even after being an extraordinary meritorious and enthusiastic person, our social rules acts as an invisible force to teach the girl that she is responsible for all the wrongs, mistakes or inequalities that she faces.

A simple example:

Travelling! Who does not like roaming around! But there exists little freedom for a girl to travel around or out of the country.

The freedom to wear clothes as your own wish! Everyday thousands of girls are verbally abused just for choosing their own choices of wear!

Outside the capital city , the ancient concept and the attitude of man has not changed much. Yet, there are thousands of obstacles in the path of self-confident women, in every position. To change this situation, the attitude of the people and their thoughts needs to change. And for this, the example of Rubina Haque or Sonia Bashir Kabir will have to reach every home. Before you can dream of touching the sky, you need to see the sky.

Every houses of Bangladesh should celebrate having a self confidednt Mothers, sisters, daughters, and wives.

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