Interview of Zahida Fizza Kabir, Executive Director, SAJIDA Foundation and Asma Akter, Survivor, Rana Plaza Disaster on Reflections on the Rana Plaza Tragedy as it marks 5 years

April 24, 2018 marked five years since the devastating Rana Plaza Tragedy which shook the world, killing more than 1,100 people, mostly RMG workers, after the five-story building collapsed on them. At the time of the disaster, SAJIDA Foundation had responded immediately, taking a team of health professionals including psychosocial counselors and providing health care, ambulance support and raising funds for the victims and their families.

Five years later, the survivors of the Rana Plaza tragedy and families of the victims are still haunted by that fateful day and still coping with the loss and trauma. The disaster drew global attention to the crucial need for compliance and regulation in the RMG sector and the unmet needs of RMG workers, particularly women, who comprise the majority of the RMG workforce.

Watch Ms Zahida Fizza Kabir, Executive Director, SAJIDA Foundation and Ms Asma Akter, survivor of the Rana Plaza disaster, reflect on the tragedy and necessary measures to focus on in the RMG sector in this interview on Nagorik TV.

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