Internship at SAJIDA

SAJIDA offers an immersive 3-month internship program where talented and motivated young professionals get a chance to work on meaningful projects. The Internship Program encompasses the wide breadth of SAJIDA’s programs where interns work hands-on at the field and head office, learn from experienced professionals in development and get in-depth understanding and insight into poverty alleviation and social development work in Bangladesh.


Requirements for internship 

  • Candidates must be either enrolled in or graduated from an accredited undergraduate program from a recognized University
  • Must be self-driven, creative, and motivated
  • Must have excellent command over English and/or Bangla and interactive communication skills
  • Academic background in relevant field will be considered an advantage


Volunteer at SAJIDA

SAJIDA encourages young and dynamic activists from both school and university to volunteer in its programs to help improve the lives of the marginalized and disadvantaged. Through SAJIDA’s programs and project activities, volunteers get a glimpse of the various issues facing poor communities and how they can be addressed. The program also provides volunteers the opportunity to expand their networks by interacting with professionals while raising awareness about social issues. At SAJIDA you can get hands-on experience on the field, teaching poor and homeless children, helping out a SAJIDA hospital, running donation drives, raising awareness through creative activities – and a whole lot more!


Academic Background