YP Program Welcomes its First Batch of Young Professionals


On March 1, 2018, SAJIDA’s Young Professional Program welcomed its first batch of ten Young Professionals (YPs) recruited through a competitive and challenging selection process. These YPs are the first batch to experience SAJIDA’s intensive program for young professionals, which involves one-year of extensive field attachment and in-depth training in SAJIDA’s core programs. The YPs will be attached to different programs in rotation and also attend different training courses in leadership and management, marketing, communication, finance and other technical and program-specific training – to help groom them into able leaders.

The current batch of young professionals and their placement for the first quarter of the program is as follows:

Tasnim Islam Tushin: Microfinance Program

Zarin Tashfi Subah: Microfinance Program

Farjana Jaman: Amrao Manush Program (Maniknagar PDC)

Farjana Yesmin: Amrao Manush Program (Green Road)

Moumita Saha: Amrao Manush Program (Mouchak Pdc)

Shah Maruf Ehsan Siddiquee: Amrao Manush Program (Kawran Bazar PDC)

Hasib Ahmed: Hospital

M. Mohammad Ullah: Hospital

Md Shahidul Islam Shakil: Community Wellness Program

Shadab Shams Sowad: Community Wellness Program

The selection process of the YPs started in October 2018 when SAJIDA started promoting the program at various career fairs. Shortlisted candidates engaged in a 5-day field research project followed by presentation of findings for the Senior Management at the Head Office. Based on their final assessment of the preliminary round, 10 participants were selected for the Young Professional Program.

On 1st March, 2018, they were received at the Head Office with a Welcome Pack and invited to lunch with senior management at Thai Emerald.  From the March 4-8, 2018, the YPs were integrated into the SAJIDA culture with a training jointly conducted by SAJIDA and HSPP Consultants Ltd. on SAJIDA values and programs, before starting their journey in the field.

SAJIDA Foundation’s Young Professionals Program (YPP) is a 1-year management trainee program launched in October 2017 and designed to identify, recruit, train and groom high potential young professionals into dedicated development professionals at SAJIDA. The program involves extensive and challenging field level attachment throughout the year with different development programs to equip Young Professionals (YPs) with the skills, knowledge, mindset and experiential learning required to manage people and programs and make informed and prudent management decisions.

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