Sajida Humayun Kabir


Sajida Humayun Kabir, patron of SAJIDA Foundation, has vast experience in philanthropic work. When her late husband, our founder, Syed Humayun Kabir, founded SAJIDA Foundation as a gift to his wife on the occasion of their 25th anniversary, the founding symbolized both a personal thought and a unique model of NGO financing. Funded by a majority shareholding of Renata, what was so remarkable about the founding of SAJIDA Foundation in 1993 was the explicit joining of a private enterprise (Renata) to a public purpose.

Sajida Humayun Kabir

Governing Body

Abdul Muyeed Chowdhury
Abdul Muyeed Chowdhury

Mr Abdul Muyeed Chowdhury is the Founder, first Chairman, and current CEO of Tiger Tours Ltd., an inbound tourism company built on sustainable community based model with key focus on establishing yearlong river tourism in Bangladesh.

Upon completion of his MA with First Class in Modern History from University of Dhaka, he started his 33-year-long career in Civil Service while also attending University of Tennessee as a Fulbright Scholar to study Public Administration. Mr Chowdhury served as Secretary to the Government in various Ministries including Communication, Finance and was ex-officio Chairman of the National Board of Revenue (NBR). Assigned as Deputy Commissioner of greater Faridpur and Dhaka district, and Commissioner of Chittagong Division, he also served as an Adviser to the Care Taker Government of Bangladesh in 2001.

Nominated by the Government as a Founding Board Member of Bangladesh NGO Foundation (BNF), he was also Executive Director of BRAC and Chairperson of BracNet Ltd., Managing Director of Biman Bangladesh Airlines, while serving as Founder Chair of SME Foundation, Federation of NGOs in Bangladesh (FNB), Bangladesh Youth Enterprise Advice and Help Centre (B’Yeah), and Founder Trustee of Grameen Trust (GT). He is also an active Board Member of several renowned organizations including GSS, BRAC University, ACI Formulations Ltd., and Summit Alliance Port Ltd. among others.

With decades of involvement in sports as President of Bangladesh Squash Rackets Federation, Bangladesh Shooting Sports Federation (BSSF), Vice-President of the Bangladesh Olympic Association, and Chairman of Appeals Committee of the Bangladesh Football Federation (BFF), Mr Muyeed was Chef-de-Mission of the Bangladesh Contingent at the 9th SAF Games as well as recipient of the National Sports Awards.

Credentials found:

1. Founder and CEO of Tiger Tours Ltd. & first Chairperson

2. Lecturer in History at Rajshahi University

3. Civil Service of Pakistan (CSP) 33 year civil service career

4. Two years as Secretary, Internal Resources Division, Ministry of Finance and ex-officio Chairman of the National Board of Revenue (NBR)

5. Deputy Commissioner (1975-1978) of greater Faridpur and Dhaka district (1978-80)

6. Commissioner (1984-86) of Chittagong Division

7. Director General of Land Records and Surveys (DGLR&S),

8. Director General of Rural Development Academy (RDA), Bogra,

9. Director General of Department of Narcotics Control (founder DG)

10. Managing Director of Biman Bangladesh Airlines (1991-94)

11. Secretary to the Government in various ministries including Communication and Finance (1994-2000)

12. Executive Director (2000-2006) of BRAC

13. BRAC nominated Director and Chairperson (2005-2016) of BracNet Limited

14. Founder Chair (Government nominee) of the SME Foundation

15. Founder Chair of the Federation of NGOs in Bangladesh (FNB)

16. Founder Chair of the Bangladesh Youth Enterprise Advice and Help Centre (B’Yeah)

17. Founder Trustee of the Grameen Trust (GT) & Board member of the Trust

18. Nominated by the Government as a founding Board member of the Bangladesh NGO Foundation (BNF) in 2004 and continues to be a general member since then

19. President of Bangladesh Squash Rackets Federation for more than a decade

20. President of Bangladesh Shooting Sports Federation (BSSF) for eight years (1998-2006)

21. Chairman of the Appeals Committee of the Bangladesh Football Federation (BFF) for nearly two decades

22. Recipient of National Sports Awards

23. Vice-President of the Bangladesh Olympic Association (2002-2006)

24. Chef-de-Mission of the Bangladesh Contingent at the 9th SAF Games

25. Board member

a. Pioneer Insurance Company Ltd

b. Summit Alliance Port Ltd

c. ACI Ltd & ACI Formulations Ltd

d. PEB Steel Alliance Company Ltd.

e. MJLB Ltd

f. BRAC University Trustee Board

g. GSS

h. Chittagong University Syndicate (Govt. Nominee)

i. Shahjalal University of Science and Technology Syndicate (Govt. Nominee)

j. Rajshahi Krishi Unnayan Bank (Govt. Nominee)

k. Shilpa Bank (Govt. Nominee)

Sukhendra Kumar Sarkar
Sukhendra Kumar Sarkar

Mr. Sukhendra Kumar Sarkar has been the Chairman of BURO, a reputed national NGO. Prior to this he was the Treasurer of BRAC University. He was also the Director of Administration, Monitoring and Audit at BRAC, further overseeing the Partnership Strengthening Unit and Transport departments. Throughout his career he has been dedicated to several important projects including the Oral Therapy Extension Programme, Child Survival Programme, Women’s Health Development, the Rural Credit Programme and the Management Development Programme. He was the founding Chairperson of Credit and Development Forum (CDF). Apart from being a member of SAJIDA Foundation’s governing body, Mr. Sarkar is also a member of the general committees of BRAC, CDF and Srizony and a member of the Governing Body of Nova Consultancy Bangla. Mr. Sarkar earned his Masters in Management from the Asian Institute of Management in Manila, and his Bachelors of Education (B.Ed.) and Bachelors of Science (B.Sc.) degrees from Rajshahi University.

Barr Junayed A Chowdhury
Barr Junayed A Chowdhury

Mr. Barrister Junayed Ahmed Chowdhury is the managing partner of Vertex Chambers, a leading law firm in Bangladesh. He is a Barrister and Advocate of the Supreme Court of Bangladesh and a Registered Foreign Lawyer under the Law Society of New South Wales, Australia specializing in Corporate and International Taxation, Oil and Gas law, Infrastructure and Construction, M&A, Structuring Venture Capital and Private Equity Transactions, International Finance, and International Environmental Law. He completed his LLB degree from the University of London and went on to earn a Post Graduate Diploma from the Inns Court School of Law under City University, London, and an LLM degree from the University of Chicago Law School.

Iresh Zaker
Iresh Zaker

Mr. Iresh Zaker is the Managing Director of Asiatic 3sixty, a leading marketing communication conglomerate in Bangladesh. In addition to his work as a marketeer, he has also been involved with the television and film industry as an actor and producer. Mr. Iresh obtained his bachelor’s degree from Lawrence University in 2001, and his master’s degree in development economics from the University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign in 2002.

Rabeya Yasmin
Rabeya Yasmin

Ms. Rabeya Yasmin has 24 years’ experience in policy, strategy and implementation of financial and social inclusion, livelihoods and social protection programmes in Bangladesh; advising government and non-government agencies in countries across Asia, Africa and Caribbean belt in their poverty reduction programmes. Currently she is working at Nathan Associates, London managing and leading the task of establishing the first ever Credit Information Bureau (CIB) for the Micro Finance industry in Bangladesh. She was a Director in BRAC, served the organization for 19 years in different capacities; played a key role in designing, developing and leading BRAC’s Flagship Graduation programme for the Ultra Poor. From 2015 to 2016 she worked with Maxwell Stamp PLC as the Director of Partnerships, Policy and Governance for DFID’s Char Livelihoods Programme (CLP). Ms. Yasmin also served on the Boards of a number of organizations including – Executive Board Member of Coalition for Urban Poor (CUP), Governing Body member of Bangladesh silk Foundation, Chair of Economic Development Cluster- Bangladesh Urban Forum, Member of Programme Advisory Committee in Dhaka Ahsania Mission (DAM). She acquired her MSS in Political Science from the University of Dhaka and MA in Poverty and Development from Institute of Development Studies, Sussex, UK

Zareen Mahmud Hosein
Zareen Mahmud Hosein

Ms. Zareen Mahmud Hosein is the Founder and Executive Director of HerStory Foundation. The organization focuses on empowerment of women and girls in Bangladesh through art, story-telling and capacity building. She is also the Founding Partner of Snehasish Mahmud & Co., Chartered Accountants. Ms. Hosein serves on the Board of the Aga Khan Foundation Bangladesh and is the Treasurer of Ghashful, an NGO focusing on women and child welfare and microcredit. Ms. Hosein has a BA in Economics from Smith College and a Masters in Public Administration from New York University. She is a Certified Public Accountant and a Fellow Chartered Accountant of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Bangladesh.

Mohammed Bin Quasem
Mohammed Bin Quasem

Mohammed Bin Quasem is the esteemed Director of Operations of Fareast Group Knitting and Dyeing. His career started in banking where he later served in various senior management positions. Later, he joined a renowned buying house in 1991, Hongkong and eventually made his way to Fareast Group Knitting and Dyeing in the year 1994. He has been engaged in social work with Impact Foundation and Children’s Hope. He completed his post-graduation degree in Economics from Northern Eastern University, Boston.

General Body

Sajida Humayun Kabir
Syed S. Kaiser Kabir
Abdul-Muyeed Chowdhury
Dr. Erum Mariam
Mujtaba Rahman Khan
Dr. Sarwar Ali
Md. Shafiul Alam
Asadot Daullah
Barr Junayed A Chowdhury
Rabeya Yasmin
Zareen Mahmud Hosein
Junaid K. Doja
Kaiser Tamiz Amin
Mridul Chowdhury
Mohammed Bin Quasem
Iresh Zaker
Sukhendra Kumar Sarkar
Sayeda Tahya Hossain
Tanya Tazeen Karim
Safi Rahman Khan

Executive Management Committee

Zahida Fizza Kabir
Chief Executive Officer
Ishtiaq Mohiuddin
Senior Advisor - Microfinance
Shib Narayan Kairy
Senior Advisor - Finance
Md. Fazlul Haque 
Deputy Executive Director - Development Program
Dr. Md. Tariqul Islam
Director - Hospital
Md. Monerul Islam Khan
Director - Support Unit
Amiya Bhousan Bhowmik
Director - Finance & Accounts