SAJIDA Foundation has been working diligently towards improving the lives of the urban extreme poor through the Amrao Manush project. In order to touch the lives of the struggling community on a larger scale, it is necessary to expand the program. The services we provide to the urban extreme poor through our Pavement Dweller Centers require sponsors working hand in hand to bring a bigger impact. Operating a Pavement Dweller Center alongside all essential services requires an approximate amount of BDT 70 lac. It takes a minimum of 3 years to bring visually-positive and long-lasting changes in the lives of our beneficiaries through the services of the PDCs.
These people need your support the most. You can contribute to the cause and bring about a positive change in the lives of the urban extreme poor.

The Early Childhood Development program at our PDCs, aim to ensure holistic development of children, focusing on mitigating abuse and exploitation as well as developing freedom of articulation. It supports the children through activities like group formation, social activities and education alongside extracurricular activities like singing, drawing, dancing, etc. This program also ensures nutritious food and healthcare support for the children.

One PDC can serve 35 children with a cost of:

BDT 4,200/ child/ month

BDT 50,000/ child/ year

BDT 1,750,000/ year for 35 children