Eve-teasing or Sexual abuse

Eve-teasing or Sexual abuse

What is sexual abuse? Generally, we mean sexual abuse as a man abusing a woman by physically or mentally. But it might be done by either man to woman or woman to man. In addition, it might occur in school, office, roadside even anywhere. This not a good human act. There are a very few women in this earth who weren’t victim of sexual abuse. Some women express about their sufferings where some remain silent. We have to be aware about this from our own position.

Reason for sexual abuse can be explained in many ways. There are many reasons such as social, economic, anger, power practice, psychopath behavior etc. Socio-economic and family background sometimes create rape mentality. Perverted sexual pleasure, mental instability like illness, ethics, law, accusing rape victim are some other reasons. And now it has become the topic of discussion, research and interpretation in terms of evolutional theories. Political vigilance often becomes a cause of rape. Sometimes ideological discrepancy has been identified as the cause of sexual harassment in the past as we have seen in the previous national elections and the Upazila elections.

Although number of abuses of woman and girls been decreased compared to last year, the rate in 2018 is a matter of anxiety. Last year 3,918 women and girls were tortured where 942 rape cases were reported. Of these, 182 victims of gang rape and 63 were killed after rape. Among them 182 victims were gang raped and 63 were killed after rape. This horrific picture has been captured from the statistics of the Bangladesh Mahila Parishad. Legislative Aid sub-council of the council has preserved this information in various media reports.

According to the data, there were 193 cases related to child marriage in the outgoing year. Of these 52 marriages have been completed; 141 prevented. 21 women have been forced to marry; 128 people have been attempted to rape, 71 are victims of molestation. Besides, 19 people have been victims of acid terrorism. Three of them lost their lives. 73 women and children were burnt in the last year. Among them 19 people died.

In 2017, a total of 5,235 women and girls were persecuted. That year, rape – happened 1 thousand 251 and among them 224 victims of gang rape, 58 were killed after rape; More than 180 occurrences of attempt to rape. Additionally, 93 women were victims of molestation, 164 victims of sexual violence in the same year. 40 women were victim of acid terrorism. Two of them died. 91 women and girls were burnt among them 34 died.

In 2018, there were 145 cases of kidnapping. 15 women were trafficked and 15 were sold to brothels. In 2017, there were 143 incidents of kidnapping. 95 women and children were trafficked and 60 were sold to brothels. 488 women and children were killed, 39 people tried to kill. 212 women were tortured for dowry and 102 were killed among them. As a domestic worker, 87 women have filed cases for torture, 58 of them have been killed and 4 have been forced to commit suicide due to torture.


Top 10 countries for sexual abuse:

For the crime of rape, the biggest name in the world is America. The first ten countries are shame to the world! Have a look, here is the list.

  1. America: America’s rape statistics is 91% and according to the National Violence Against Woman Survey, one in six women in America is raped.
  2. South Africa: South Africa is the second in the whole world on sexual violence against women and children. The punishment of a rapist in this country is only two years in prison. South Africa is called ‘Rap Capital of the World’.
  3. Sweden: Sweden has the largest number of rapes in Europe. Every year, about 58% of sexual abuse incidents increases in Sweden.
  4. India: Of the 100 women raped in India, 98 of them commit suicide. A rape complaint is lodged in India every 22 minutes.
  5. Britain: 4 lakhs people are victims of rape every year in Britain. One in every five women (16 to 59 years old) was raped.
  6. Germany: So far, 2 lakhs 40 thousand women have been killed in rape, in Germany. Every year, allegations of rape in Germany are 65 lakhs 7 thousand, 394.
  7. France: Official research in France shows that at least 75 thousand women are raped in this country every year.
  8. Canada: The number of complaints (rape) in this country is 25 lakh 16 thousand 918 (till this time). Out of every 17 women, one woman is raped in this country. Of those, 62% became physically injured.
  9. Sri Lanka: 14.5 percent of crimes committed in this country are incidents of rape. 65.8% of those accused of raping not feel guilty even after committing crimes in abusive acts like rape.
  10. Ethiopia: 60% of women in this country are victims of rape.

Punishment of rape in different countries

In each country, each system rape is considered as the biggest and most hated of crimes. The provision of punishment against rape is fixed as well. Somewhere this issue is considered to be socially viable. Because of this punishment, victims face many obstacles in their life.

There are so many countries in the world where the rape conviction is deadly. Let’s see how it is punished in different countries-

China: In this Communist country they believe that the punishment of rape is only death sentence. If rape is proofed, there is no other punishment, direct death penalty! And it is to be implemented very fast.

Iran: Is either hanging or straight gun shot. In this way, rapists are punished in this country. Because they think that the guilty is not who was raped, the rapists are the culprit.

Afghanistan: The words come to mind after hearing the name is the Taliban regime. But, strange is rape rates in Afghanistan are very low. However, if you hear the punishment of rape, you too will be terrified. Because, rapist when rape got proved, they shot directly in the head of rapist.

France: The punishment of rape is fixed here based on the physical condition of the victim. However, after being caught and convicted, at least 15 years in prison. If crime is serious, it may increase up to 30 years.

North Korea: The punishment of rape is just death penalty in this country. The accused is arrested and then shot to dead after being proved to be rapist.

Saudi Arabia: There is also a stringent punishment of rape. The rapist was stripped openly and punished in this country. So, the number of rapes is very low here.


Why rape is not stopped?

Without political commitments, rape and violence against women will not reduce. We have repeatedly said to make an independent and neutral monitoring committee. But it didn’t happen. And the case filing in police stations for rape and sexual violence are not more than 20 percent. Not more than one percent is punished.

Rape has become unstoppable due to injustice and culture of fear. Many people are not interested in case filing anymore because they have not been prosecuted. And many people cannot file a case because of fear. Do not have courage to do so. Victims are helpless to power and wealth. And those criminals know that there will be nothing happen to them. So, they do not stop. It has now been associated with hate culture. Hate is spread in such a way that people are damaged. People have turned themselves upside down and do not want justice anymore.

Prevention of Sexual Abuse

  1. Taking initiative according to plan to prevent sexual abuse of woman and children.
  2. Raise a social revolution against sexual abuse all over the country.
  3. Perfectly implementing initiatives taken by central cell.
  4. Take proper initiatives to stop sexual abuse.
  5. Take cases about woman and children abuse and solve them. Listing filed cases and solved cases and reporting case wise to central cell. Work according to direction of central cell. At last, we must change our distorted manhood mentality