Eid-ul-Azha celebrated all across SAJIDA’s programs and offices

On August 18, 2018 Eid-ul-Azha was celebrated across SAJIDA’s programs and offices. To commemorate this event, all of SAJIDA’s staff wore traditional festive attires (sarees and panjabis) and enjoyed the day with light snacks. The Head Office staff celebrated the day with music, snacks and a get-together..

To celebrate this day in a fun and creative way, a poster making competition was organized for all program offices where the staff was engaged in making an “Eid Poster” for their respective branches. 10 of the best posters were selected to recognize talent and creativity of SAJIDA staff.

The “First Place” in the poster competition was attained by the Maniknagar PDC and their poster is now displayed at the SAJIDA Head Office. This poster design was also used to develop an e-greeting card which was circulated electronically to all of SAJIDA’s staff, donors, partners and other stakeholders.  The “Second Place” was achieved by Microfinance branch 117 Daudkandi, Comilla. All these posters were a colorful symbol of Eid and aimed to applaud the team spirit of the staffs who came together and created such vibrant posters.

Ms. Zahida Fizza Kabir, Executive Director, SAJIDA foundation, also conveyed Eid greetings across SAJIDA with a video message where she expressed that the staffs’ tireless and unlimited efforts give SAJIDA comfort, new paths, new hope.

On Eid day, the Pavement Dweller Centers (PDCs) celebrated this occasion with the children of the Amrao Manush-ILEUP program. The children alongside the teachers celebrated this auspicious day with cultural programs and meals and snacks. SAJIDA Hospitals also celebrated this day with the patients admitted at the hospitals by sharing sweets and Eid greetings.