Dr. Ashique Selim, PHWC conducts a session with SAJIDA Foundation

In honour of World Mental Health Day, SAJIDA Foundation invited Dr. Ashique Selim, Managing Director and Lead Psychiatri

st of Psychological Health and Wellness Clinic – PHWC to conduct a session on mental health and wellbeing with members of the foundation.

In the 2 hour long session, Dr. Selim covered the basics of mental health, stress management, triggers for anxiety and depression, and lastly, ways to detect and prevent suicidal tendencies. Through interactive sessions and experience sharing, the workshop touched on all the important aspects of mental health and wellbeing in both the workplace as well as personal life, and how each individual can play an important role in improving their own lives along with the lives of others around them.

The Psychological Health and Wellness Clinic (PHWC), established in 2017 in partnership with SAJIDA Foundation, is a global standard mental health clinic and a one-stop Centre for treatment of individuals experiencing psychological distress of any nature.