On 28 January, Dhaka South City Mayor Mr. Syed Khokon paid a visit to SAJIDA’s Sadarghat Social Service Centre to observe the activities undertaken by SAJIDA’s Amrao Manush Program as part of the organization’s development initiatives. The Mayor arrived at noon along with Mayoral Candidate Sheikh Fazle Nur Taposh, accompanied by senior officials from SAJIDA.

The Dhaka South City Mayor patiently explored all the activities of the Centre, starting with the day-care, formal schooling, seminars for adolescents, IGA trainings, to all the various services provided by SAJIDA Foundation’s Amrao Manush program for the beneficiaries. He also expressed his pleasure and satisfaction at seeing the work that SAJIDA has undertaken to ensure health, happiness and dignity for the marginalized urban poor.

SAJIDA’s Amrao Manush Program – funded by Concern Worldwide, Irish Aid, Team Broken Earth, Adhunika, and a private donor organization among others – provides essential services to the marginalized pavement dwellers. Through seven Pavement Dweller Centres (PDC) located in Dhaka and Chattogram, SAJIDA provides day-care and non-formal education for children, grants for income generation, along with health services, night shelter, cooking, bathing and other facilities for the extremely deprived and vulnerable urban poor. Launched in December, the Sadarghat Social Service Centre under “Improving the Lives of Urban Extreme Poor” (ILUEP), provided basic necessities to 20,297 participants, healthcare to 15,921 dwellers, and day-care services to 1,902 children till date.



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