SAJIDA Mental Health Program

SMHP is a comprehensive and multidisciplinary initiative, aimed at addressing existing gaps in access to affordable mental health support systems for the lower-income and ultra-poor

Climate Change Disaster Management

Climate Change and Disaster Management (CCDM) project is aimed at reducing vulnerability and increasing resilience in climate-affected communities in South West Bangladesh.


WASH - WATER SANITATION & HYGIENE Safe water, sanitation, and hygiene are at the heart of sustainable development and critical [...]

ILUEP-PDC (Amrao Manush)

The program works with the extremely deprived and vulnerable urban poor in Dhaka and Chittagong to provide essential services, primarily to those who struggle against formidable odds to survive.

SAJIDA Hospitals

SAJIDA Hospitals have emerged as an innovative model of sustainable health service delivery for low-middle-income groups, delivering health care under one roof and through expert medical professionals.