2020 Initiatives to Combat COVID-19

Staying Stronger, Together.

Bracing for the first impact of COVID-19

2020 has been a year marred by the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic. SAJIDA Foundation is obliged by its mission and vision to do the most it can for vulnerable communities. To that end, the organization has focused its service delivery on three facets: ensuring the availability of hospital services, spreading awareness and providing emergency as well as long term support to communities. SAJIDA’S employees are working tirelessly to ensure that the vision of health, happiness and dignity to vulnerable communities is still a promise that we can deliver amidst the crippling pandemic.

COVID-19 Response Activities of SAJIDA Foundation – As of December 31st, 2021

  Districts Covered: 26
  Isolation Centre with ICU: COVID-19 Patients Served : 1,022  (Narayanganj Hospital), 376 (Keraniganj Hospital)
  Total Population Reached: 5,147,703
Keraniganj Hospital: (from March 26th , 2020 till date) Regular Patients Served: 74,945 & Services Provided: 112,305

Mental Health Tele-Counselling Calls: 29,843

People Reached by Health and Hygiene Awareness through Different Mediums:  579,594

Beneficiaries Received Support for COVID-19 Vaccine Registration: 8,086

Portable Hand Washing Devices Installed: 585

Mental Health Facebook Live Attended: 58,531

Medical Staff Oriented/Trained by DGHS on COVID-19: 70

Slums Decontaminated: 30 , People Covered: 49,877

Consultations Provided Through SAJIDA 24/7 Doctor Hotline: 6,576

People Using Hand Washing Devices: 2,289,732

Waste Bins Delivered to RMG Factories: 300

Samples from Suspected COVID-19 Patients Collected: 2,016

Users Reached Through Messenger Chatbot: 10,711

Households Received Emergency Food and Hygiene Package: 328,976

 People Reached through Phone Calls: 1,189,065

Farmers & Consumers Received Support: 1,790

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Sets Distributed: 56,140

Combating the OnGoing Crisis


Being at the forefront of the pandemic, we extended completely free treatment to healthcare seekers from across the country using SAJIDA’s own fund and support from corporates and numerous individuals. From our providing free care to COVID patients to collaborating with different entities to ensure support for Mental Health in all strata.


SAJIDA Hospital, Narayanganj had served over 1,000 patients from 39 districts at a total cost of BDT 15.54 crore / BDT 155.4 million, click here to read more on Daily Star.

Amidst all the crisis, SAJIDA Hospital, Keraniganj had continued on to provide general treatment services in its premises. Till December 30th, 2020 it has served X patients. Click here to know about the COVID unit setup at this hospital.

To cater to information seekers remotely, SAJIDA has also set up a 24/7 health information hotline number with registered doctors. These doctors are providing consultation on general health queries and refer complex cases to specialized institutions. A total of x consultations have been provided in the year 2020, to call the hotline number click here.

SAJIDA Foundation along with Renata Ltd., Vertex Chambers, and Apinion BD has developed a messenger chatbot. The objective is to connect people to authentic news links and help them understand their symptoms of COVID-19 through a system checker. Watch the featured video in TOGBOG.

Mental Health Wellbeing

The Psychological Health and Wellness Clinic (PHWC) has provided x on-call and video counselling sessions for its clients alongside organizational support through their Employee Assistance Program (EAP) to X organizations in the till December 30 2020.

Moner Jotno’ is a mental health hotline number launched by PHWC in collaboration with BRAC and Kan Pete Roi which provides tele-counselling support in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

SAJIDA’s Safeguarding Team has been working relentlessly amidst the COVID-19 to create awareness about domestic violence and importance of mental health, reaching more than 2,000 employees with tips and tricks through the HR team.Safeguarding is also offering a 24/7 helpline for SAJIDA employees specifically to address these issues.


Throughout the pandemic, SAJIDA Foundation has sought to raise awareness and address the often overlooked issues of mental health and well-being. Our Mental Health Program consists of three integrated projects dedicated to addressing the mental health needs of the population. SHOJON has kept up providing vital, affordable mental health tele-counseling services to clients currently suffering from psychological and mental health issues. Kaan Pete Roi, continues to provide immediate emotional support through a suicide prevention helpline while PHWC, alongside conducting their regular Employee Assistance Program has opened a 24/7 hotline number for frontline workers.

Extending Support to the Urban Extreme Poor Members

SAJIDA’s innovative approach supported vulnerable households with emergency relief while protecting livelihoods of small-scale farmers and poultry dairies in the process. To address the breakdown in the supply chain, SAJIDA purchased food items including rice, vegetables, seasonal fruits, milk, and poultry items directly from farmers at a fair price. These were then packaged and redistributed to vulnerable Microfinance members, daily wage earners, indigenous groups (including Saotal, Pahan, Urao, Barman community of Chapai Nawabganj, Hazong community of Netrokona, Garo community of Netrokona, Sherpur, and Jamalpur) and other ethnic minorities (River Nomad (Bede), Transgender group, Sex-workers, and Bihari community).
To read more click here

Awareness & Hygiene

In crowded urban slum areas, there is a pronounced lack of access to basic utilities combined with the usage of shared toilets has made these locations a potential hotspot for the virus. Amidst this uncertainty, various leading organizations took an effective role to increase awareness among people, SAJIDA Foundation and WaterAid jointly initiated Covid 19 project in Dhaka South City Corporation in two phases into two peak periods: 1st Phase (April 2020 – September 2020) & 2nd Phase (January 2021 – June 2021). From interventions in WASH4UP project to preventive measures taken in WASH4RMG, to the distribution of COVID awareness materials to setting up public toilets, SAJIDA Foundation’s WASH program has remained steadfast in the face of the ongoing pandemic

SAJIDA’s WASH program has distributed 31,000 surgical masks to community volunteers, stakeholders, provided hygiene kits to 11,572 households and aside from registering 5,000 RMG workers for the vaccination drive, a further 191 individuals from communities have been successfully registered for the vaccine as well.


Helping Farmers in Supply Chain – Since the beginning of the lockdown, ultra-poor farmers & dairymen have struggled to sell their products to forward market actors. On the other hand, the consumers are also facing difficulty in purchasing these essentials due to a lack of access to local markets. To address this situation, the agriculture unit of SAJIDA has deployed a market facilitation initiative. Through this value chain, 1,331 farmers have sold their quality produce to interested clients.


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