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COVID-19 Pandemic Response by SAJIDA Foundation

Background – Coronavirus Disease & Spread:

On December 31, 2019 World Health Organization’s (WHO) China office heard the first reports of a previously unknown virus behind a number of pneumonia cases in Wuhan, a city in Eastern China with a population of over 11 million. This new virus, officially called COVID-19 are a family of viruses that cause disease in animals, which are then transmitted to humans.

The 2019 novel (new) coronavirus causes the illness COVID-19 in which the symptoms of the disease appear between 2-14 days after exposure, such as fever, cough & shortness of breath. Till date COVID-19 has affected 199 countries & territories around the world. Globally, a total of 664,103 people have been infected with the virus with 30,883 deaths and 142,361 recovered from the disease.

In Bangladesh, the first case of COVID-19 was confirmed in March 7, 2020 by IEDCR; a total of 381 people have been tested for coronavirus out of which 48 cases have been confirmed positive. The first death was reported on March 18, 2020 followed by the second one on March 21, 2020 and the total death case is 5 (five) till March 29th. Till date, 15 persons have been recovered but there are still 28 active cases in Bangladesh.

 (Source: WHO; World meter; IECDR; The Telegraph; WIRED UK; Science Daily; CDC)

 Activities On the Ground:

Institutional preparedness

SAJIDA  has  prepared a Standard Operation Procedure (SOP) to prevent COVID-19 both at  Head Office (HO) and Field Offices for ensuring safety. Two (2) hotline numbers have been set up to provide support to the staff regarding their general/health related queries. The hotline numbers will remain open 24/7 to provide support to its staffs. SAJIDA will bear all expenses of the staff and their families diagnosed with COVID-19.

 Isolation Center for the COVID 19 Patients

SAJIDA has an existing 50-bed hospital at Shimrail (adjacent to Kaanchpur Bridge), Shiddhirganj, Narayanganj that has been providing all medical services including outdoor, indoor, diagnostic and OT. Under a MoU signed with DGHS, the Hospital is converted into COVID-19 Isolation Center with Intensive Care Unit (ICU) department for confirmed case of complications. This Center has a dialysis unit. The joint isolation center will be running with a staff of around 80 staffs, dedicated to ensure uninterrupted services from this center. In addition, the Keraniganj Hospital is getting ready to add ICU and Dialysis units to counter this emergency.   The Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS) under the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare and SAJIDA Foundation will jointly run this center. 6 doctors and 3 nurses are being trained at DMCH ICU.  DGHS will provide technical and capacity building support whereas SAJIDA will be providing the operational and administrative support including financing of the center. SAJIDA Foundation is also preparing  84,000 sq.ft space of Sadarghat Social Service Center of Dhaka South City Corporation to be used as a  Quarantine center  if needed, which will be decided jointly by DGHS.

Distribution of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE):

SAJIDA Foundation along with Renata Ltd. has  distributed  around 8000 set of PPE’s to health care providers such as doctors, nurses, paramedics of various government & private medical colleges and doctors’ chambers through DGHS.

 Supporting Activities towards Special Needs Children (SNC)

Inner Circle Ltd., a concern of SAJIDA, has been creating short videos & infographic with  the topics on  how to talk to  children  about Coronavirus, about hand-washing/personal hygiene and coronavirus outbreak in Sign Languages.

 Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH)

SAJIDA Foundation has been operating some portable hand-washing devices in crowded areas and settlements so that hands are kept clean and germ/bacteria free. Till March 25th,220 portable hand-washing devices have been set up  and will continue. Special awareness program has been organized around Public Toilets in Dhaka City Corporations in cooperation with Local Government Authorities & other development partners. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) have been distributed to the cleaners working in public toilets.

Support for Floating & Daily Wage Earner group

SAJIDA Foundation started providing food package containing 5 kg rice, 1 kg Dal, ½ kg oil, 2 kg potatoes and 2 soaps to the floating population living in squatter settlements and vulnerable people who live in hand to mouth through its dedicated pool of over 5000 volunteers. Around 1800 packets have been distributed till March 25th, 2020.

Awareness Raising and Counseling Services

One (1) hotline number has been set up to provide support to  general public for COVID-19 related queries and consultation through doctors. The hotline number remains open 24/7.

Preparation and distribution of IEC/BCC materials regarding common practices to prevent the spread of COVID-19  to staff and community people at large. The work underwent  until the lock down, now we are continuing this through SAJIDA’s call center and digital platforms.



  1. Support for Floating & Daily Wage Earner group
  • 30,000 Food, safe drinking water and hygiene kit distribution
  • 7 centers for housing street children and elderly
  1. Isolation Center Including ICU:  In collaboration with DGHS
  • Narayanganj Hospital
  • Keraniganj Hospital
  1. Distribution of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE):
  • 20,000 PPEs to healthcare professionals
  1. Water, Sanitation and Hygiene ( WASH)
  • 800 portable hand-washing facilities through SAJIDA’s field forces in different crowded places in different locations in the country.
  • 500 Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) will be distributed to the cleaners working in Public Toilets and workers engaged in waste collection and disposal.
  1. Reach 1 Million People through Mass Awareness
  • Information dissemination and encouragement to the First Responders (Health Care Professionals)
  • Personal Protective Equipment Management (PPE) management
  • General Hygiene Practices
  • Home Quarantine Practices
  • Addressing Mental Health
  • Special care for Pregnant & Lactating Women
  • Elderly, chronically ill & high-risk individuals
  • Dealing with Children
  • Home & Apartment Maintenance Guidelines in the cities

Mass Awareness initiatives will be technically assisted by SAJIDA’s socially responsible businesses and implemented through SAJIDA’s 300+ unit offices; different digital platforms.

  1. Initiatives for Special Need Children by Inner Circle Ltd., a concern of SAJIDA
  • How to talk to your child about Coronavirus
  • How to teach children with Autism about hand-washing/personal hygiene
  • How to encourage children to wear a mask when required
  • Sensory Activities for Emotional Regulation
  • Home Activities to keep your child engaged during school closures
  • Explaining coronavirus outbreak in Sign Language
  1. Online Support Addressing Mental Health by Psychosocial Health & Wellness Clinic (PHWC), an initiative of SAJIDA
  • SAJIDA will join the national platform for tele-counseling and emergency hotline
  • Disseminate key information and activity ideas to families during lock down
  1. Support for the Elderly and High-risk individuals by Home & Community Care Ltd. (HCCL), Concern of SAJIDA
  • Public hotline to access information and advice for the elderly and high-risk individuals on how to – prevent infection, conduct a home quarantine and respond appropriately in times of emergency.
  • Tele-training through videos/ face book lives/ etc for at-home family-caregivers on special care of their elderly during this time.
  • Mass Awareness with special focus for the elderly, chronically ill & high-risk individuals across Bangladesh through SAJIDA and Renata’s field forces.
  • Assist during emergency referrals
  1. Chatbot for COVID-19 Assistance
  • Show key facts, both globally and countries- with the help of VERIFIED SOURCES on COVID-19 virus outbreak.
  • Provide links to Emergency Assistance (Doctor’s Advice, Ambulance Services, Mental Health Support).
  • Show effective ways of “Protecting Oneself” & their household/homestead
  • Sign participants as a volunteer to fight against COVID-19
  • Allow doctors to input and share vital data to the chatbox for tracking infection spread & PPE requirements from the frontlines.
ActivitiesUnit Cost in BDTUnit Cost in USDTotal
Food and Hygiene Packet To Daily EarnersTk. 500 USD 630,000 families; on an average 120,000 persons, one week supply per family
Portable Hand Washing Station Tk. 4,000USD 47800 units
Hand Washing Tk. 1.22 per Hand WashUSD 0.015288,000 persons per day
ICU Installation Tk. 3,105,000 per ICU Bed Set Up CostUSD 36,5296 ICU beds
ICU Operational Cost Tk. 25,836 per ICU patient/per day Treatment Cost USD 304Average 4 patients a day for 6 months
Isolated Patient Operational CostTk. 6,225 per isolated patient/per day USD 73Average 50 patients per day for 6 months
Dialysis unit InstallationTk. 1500,000 per dialysis unit USD 17,6472 dialysis units
Dialysis unit operational costTk. 3,000USD 352 unit dialysis operational cost per day for 6 months
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)Tk. 1,350USD 1620000 units
Mass Awareness Tk 10USD 0.111 million People

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