Community Day care centers, encouraging micro-entrepreneurship and improving lives of urban extreme poor

SAJIDA’s Amrao Manush Program will be launching Community Day Care Centers to cater to the wellbeing of the urban extreme poor. Many poor mothers cannot work for the lack of a safe place to keep their children while they go to work. Surveys and research findings suggest that if both husband and wife of these pavement dwellers, underdeveloped slum dwellers and squatter dwellers work, they can have a better quality of life due to increased income. Hence SAJIDA’s Amrao Manush Program has taken this initiative to establish Day Care Centers in the underdeveloped slums, where the urban extreme poor live. The primary phase of this set up has been completed (area surveys, demand for day care centers in these areas, availability of safe shelter, mother support group etc.) This issue is also being discussed with Community Leaders, Ward counselor, Civil Society, Law enforcement agencies in the designated areas.

SAJIDA’s Amrao Manush Program – now known as the Improving the Lives of Urban Extreme Poor (ILUEP) – Pavement Dweller Centre (PDC) provides intensive training on Micro Enterprise Business Plan along with block grants to its members, which is a non-refundable finance of Tk. 6000 to Tk. 10,500. Moreover, close monitoring is also done on the businesses of its members for capacity building of the entrepreneurs. This is to encourage and develop entrepreneurship among the target group with the aim to improve their lives.

At the same time, meetings and discussions are held for the target group with law enforcement committee, city corporation etc. Social Inclusion is the main agenda of such discussions where the target groups express the problems they face and what are the changes they would like to see happening for them.