Canadian Team Broken Earth visits Bangladesh to conduct world-class training for health professional organized by SAJIDA Foundation

SAJIDA Foundation and Team Broken Earth (a renowned Canadian volunteer task force) organized a three-day long training program for healthcare professionals to strengthen their capacities on high-risk labour and delivery management. The event titled “International Training Course on High-Risk Labour and Delivery Management” was sponsored by Renata Pharmaceuticals Limited, and took place from 11th to 13th September, 2018.

The training conducted considered the high rate of maternal and newborn mortality in Bangladesh and thus this initiative was highly relevant for healthcare practitioners to improve the quality of their care. The course was designed to provide healthcare practitioners with knowledge of the latest practices in providing better care for women in labour as well as their fetuses, newborns, and their families.

Apart from providing this training, Team Broken Earth joined forces with SAJIDA in raising funds for the aid of the 0.7 million Rohingya people fleeing violence in Myanmar and seeking protection and refuge in Bangladesh. Some of the team members from Broken Earth visited the Rohingya health camps jointly implemented by SAJIDA Foundation and the Friendship Foundation.

They also visited one of the Pavement Dweller Centers (PDCs) in Maniknagar of the ILUEP-Amrao Manush Program. They were greeted with flowers followed by a tour of the centre and an introduction of the activities that are implemented by the program. The visitors were also greeted with a dance and song performance by the children of this program. The team also visited SAJIDA Hospital in Keraniganj, and interviewed some of the patients and wonderfully captured some of the success stories of the hospital.

On the last day of Team Broken Earth’s stay in Bangladesh, the whole team was taken to Korotia, Tangail where they experienced the rich culture and heritage of Tangail, Bangladesh. They were given a tour of the Zamindar Baris of Tangail, the Zamindar mosques, school etc. Followed by the tour the team experienced a very traditional and delicious Bengali lunch. Dr. Gill, one of the key members of the team presented Ms. Zahida Fizza Kabir, Executive Director of SAJIDA Foundation with a hand-made painting done by him as a token of gratitude. Along with Team Broken Earth, directors and others heads of departments of SAJIDA Foundation were also part of the retreat.

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