Sheepa Hafiza, Executive Director, Ain O Shalish Kendra as Guest Speaker at Bi-Monthly Meeting of the Focal Points of SAJIDA’s Sexual Harassment Elimination (SHE) and Code of Conduct Redressal Committee

On 18th July, 2018 the bi-monthly meeting of the Focal Points of Sexual Harassment Elimination (SHE) and Code of Conduct Redressed Committee took place at SAJIDA’s Head Office. The meeting was presided by the Head of the committee and SAJIDA’s Executive Director Zahida Fizza Kabir. Also present at the meeting was Guest Speaker Sheepa Hafiza, Executive Director of Ain O Salish Kendra (ASK), with more than 20 years of experience in working on gender related issues.

Ms. Sheepa Hafiza shared her personal experiences, struggles and learnings in working with sexual harassment elimination and redressal, noting that any behavior suggestive of unwelcome sexual intent that is felt by another constitutes sexual harassment. She spoke about the subtleties of sexual harassment and the importance of awareness and immediate and strict actions against sexual harassment and ensuring safety of the complainant. She also mentioned that cyber sexual harassment (through social media such as Facebook, Email etc.) should be included in the policy as well, among other valuable suggestions and insights.

Ms. Zahida Fizza Kabir advised all Focal Points to be unbiased while registering a complaint and to be alert towards maintaining confidentiality. She emphasized on the importance of arranging trainings for the investigation team, for them to be skillful during investigation and towards writing and presenting reports to make the investigation process more effective.

Nusrat Jahan, (Focal Point, Law), Adv. Imran Hossain and 14 other Focal Points were present at the meeting.

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