An update on the Young Professional program

For most of the Young professionals (YPs) (7 out of 9), November was a rotational month. During the first half November 2018, Shah Maruf Ehsan Siddique and Tasnim Islam Tushin were attached to Administration Department under the supervision of Ahsan Habib and Ershad Ali. Tasnim Islam Tushin worked with Procurement Policy and Table of Authority, whereas, Shah Maruf Ehsan Siddique did the admin organogram. Moreover, they both contributed in Performance Evaluation (PE) Forms and Procurement Cycle Analysis.

Shahidul Islam Shakil and Shadab Shams Sowad were amalgamated with Business Development Unit (BDU) for microfinance this month.  They were engaged in several tasks such as manual preparation of cashless disbursement, SAJIDA Bondhu selection and recruitment, preparation and circulation of the checklist of eligible branches for cashless disbursement and qualitative and quantitative performance analysis of cashless disbursement piloted branches. They are expecting to complete ongoing tasks by the end of this month.

Farjana Jaman’s attachment in Finance Department inaugurated with orientation from the Bill and Treasury section. She shadowed different billing processes and was checking variety of vouchers till the second week of her attachment.

Hasib Ahmed & S.M. Mohammad Ullah were stationed at Capacity Building Department under the supervision of Dilip Majumder.  S.M Mohammad Ullah is working mainly on call center management and training observation. So far, he has submitted two reports on call center, trying to improve call center reporting and overall efficiency of call center. He has also observed effective communication training. Hasib Ahmed’s works can be classified in 3 groups such as: co-ordinate/follow up training sessions; report review and work with S.M. Mohammad Ullah in call center reports. Hasib assisted in arranging the YP lunch with the senior management and the executive director. Along with call center report, they are scheduled to assist in 3 trainings in the next remaining days of the month (Leadership Training, Effective Communication Training and Customer Care for SAJIDA Bondhu Training).

Zarin Tasfih Subah and Farjana Yeasmin have been continuing their attachment at the Hospitals. They continued their good work by getting feedback from patients and supervising the CCO (Customer Care Officer) at the hospitals at Keraniganj and Narayanganj. Additionally, they are expected to develop YP roles in the hospital, preparing CCO roster and preparing a performance indicator (PI) for CCO.