An Update on the Young Professional Program

Shah Maruf Ehsan Siddiquee has been shadowing the field officer at the Tongi 24 branch of the Microfinance Program. He has been visiting different centers for due collecting, follow up, member counselling, meeting and started a qualitative survey to assess the problems faced by the stakeholders of the Suchona Program.

Md. Shahidul Islam Shakil has been dedicated to the Business Development Unit of the Microfinance Program since November with a focus on the Cashless Disbursement Project.

Meanwhile, Farjana Yesmin began her work at branch 50 of the Microfinance Program. She has been shadowing a field officer and has been involved in preparing official documentations and counselling members about SAJIDA’s benefits and procedures.

Hasib Ahmed has been reviewing and updating the job descriptions of all employees at the Pavement Dweller Centers (PDCs) located in Kawran Bazar and Green Road and he has been visiting different PDCs to get a better understanding of the Amrao Manush-ILEUP program.

Tasnim Islam Tushin has been working on proposal writing and developing the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for 20 different activities of the Amrao Manush-ILEUP program.

M. MohammadUllah has been attached to the Elder Care Program. He has been shadowing and consulting his supervisors and coordinator to properly understand the operations. His main work involved developing a SOP and a work flow for Elder Care services.

Zarin Tashfi Subah was attached to the Admin and Infrastructure Department. She has been specifically learning about how the inventory software works and she has revised the monitoring and quality assurance checklist, among other responsibilities.

Lastly, Farjana Jaman has continued her work at the Finance Department. She has completed the first version of the Master Chart of Accounts and is in the process of developing a second version based on further feedback, and also has been working with the Bill and Treasury section.

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